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Hey guys,

We are back with a new script, this time it’s time to Time Slice Pictures.

What is Time Slice Photography?

Check out some cool examples below

Some more examples on google here and here.


Thus, Time Slice Photography is basically taking pictures of the same place, at different times of the day. Once we have all the pictures taken, select the best of the lot, maybe do some color correction, and then create slices such that we get 1 full images made up of various slices.

What Does this Photoshop Script/Software Do?

Well, once you have all the images in an ‘in’ folder, just run the script. The script will ask for ‘input’ folder,’output’ folder, ‘output file’ name. Just provide the input and relax, while the script does the difficult part for you. The script will create the photo slices based on the number of images found in the input folder. The script processes all images one by one and finally outputs a single jpg file, which is the final result of Time Slice Photography.

Thus making life easy for any photographer looking for a Time Slice Photography for his/her work or portfolio.

Now, let’s see the Photo Slicing Script in action below in a demo video. All images are thanks to Mr. Kirti Mandalaywala. 

How to Install this Time Slicing Script:

  1. Download the ZIP file containing the photoshop script to time slice by clicking here. (~4kb)
  2. Extract to a temp location
  3. Copy file “TS-Time-Slice.jsx”  to “Adobe Photoshop CS#/Presets/Scripts/” folder. – This step might need Admin privileges

How to Run this Time Slicing Script/Software:

  1. Restart Photoshop
    – file -> scripts should now have a new option of “TS-Time-Slice
  2. Open any image file
  3. Run file -> scripts -> “TS-Time-Slice
  4. A setting popup appear
    1. select the input folder
    2. select the output folder
    3. input the filename required
    4. Select pattern of slicing, four patterns available in this version, more to be added in later versions
      1. Horizontal Slices – Top to Bottom
      2. Horizontal Slices – Bottom To Top
      3. Vertical Slices – Left to Right
      4. Vertical Slices – Right To Left
  5. Click ‘Time Slice It’.
  6. Sit back, and relax, while the script does the Time Slicing for you.

Time Slicing Script/Software Tested in:

1. Windows/Photoshop CS5

Limitation of version:

The free version of Script is limited to an image size of 1024px. Buy Pro version to remove this restriction.


This time slicing photography script is provided ‘as-is’ and so you use it at your own risk.

It would be great if you guys can give me your feedback on the script, like your PS version, did it work or had any issue, etc.

(Image courtesy www.nightscapes.pl )

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    • Hi Jay,

      We have 2 versions of the script, Free and Pro. Free version has image size restrictions, Pro version doesnt.

      If you like the script, consider getting Pro Version.

      Thanks and Cheers

    • Hi Christian,

      We have 2 versions of the script, Free and Pro. Free version has image size restrictions, Pro version doesnt.

      If you like the script, consider getting Pro Version.

      Thanks and Cheers

  1. Hi,
    For some reason the pro script starts at image 10 in the sequence and then splices the image together until it gets to the end of my images, then does 1-10. Please help.

    • Hi Jacob,

      Kindly check the names of the images to be processed if they are in order.

      I have also sent you a personal email, kindly reply to it and I will look into it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. This is FANTASTIC. Will be buying the pro version soon.

    Any chance of adding a diagonal option so I can do something like this?


    Not as important, but would also be great to have the option to overlap the layers slightly, to create a look like this:


    Keep up the good work!

    • 1. Diagonal slices
      2. Slices with shadows (overlap the layers slightly)

      both of them are in pipeline and would be available with next version.

  3. Another suggestion:

    Would be great to have an option to choose WHICH frames are used.

    For example: Option for 1 in 5 images = 1, 5, 10, 15.

    That would obv change the width of strips/the effect.

    If you do that would also be great to choose the number of the FIRST image too – eg from 12, then 17, 22, 27 etc.

    This would get around some awkward positioning – eg a lamp falling in light area when it would look better lit up in the dark.

    • Hi,

      thanks for the valued suggestion,

      Would be great to have an option to choose WHICH frames are used.
      What you mentioned will make the dialog box complicated to understand and use, I would like to keep it simple.
      Work around – You can always use the same script to do what you want, all you have to do is pre-process your input folder to contain only the images you want to process.

    • Hi Garry,

      The script hasnt been tested on PS Elements. You can download it and give it a try.

      Let us know how it goes.


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